Well, I realized throughout this year, I've saved around 200 dollars. No pedals really interest me except for the Boss RC2 Loop Station, so I'm thinking I should get new pickups.

I play a Fender Jaguar Classic Player series which has Fender Enforcers. For guitar playing, I usually like playing more technical death metal or melodic death metal kind of stuff (Psycroptic, Arsis, etc), and also soft alt.rock/ emo kind of music. No matter what I'm playing, I usually like sticking to the neck pickup, and I'm kind of thinking of changing my neck pickups to either DiMarzio X2N or Evolution pups.

Good idea? Or should I stick with my stock fender enforcers (no idea if they're considered good quality pickups or not)? Also, how much of a pain in the ass is it to change pickups?
well assuming you correctly know how to cut wires and solder them back, it should be very easy.
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what amp are you playing through? Also, you may want to consider a new guitar for playing death metal.
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X2N's are awesome pups but unless u have a good amp it would be pointless to change them

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