I have been looking into a Marshall MG100HDFX combo but have heard that they arnt the gig'in type. I haven't played a gig but i'm looking into doing so. My budget would be about $1000-1500 (AUD).

Please help with recommendations and opinions on the MG100HDFX.

MGs are very bad from my experience...
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Everyone here is going to advise you out of buying an MG. They sound crap and are way overpriced for that budget. For a metal amp maybe try looking into a second hand peavey 5150
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They're unreliable and bad tone that gets worse at high volumes.

You could look into some pretty good tube amps at that price range, if you go used you could get a JCM800/900 combo from eBay, or a Marshall JCM2000 DSL, you could look into Bugera, what do you play?
Remember its 1000-1500 AUD!. Also ive always wanted a half stack.

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why would you buy a MG with a budget of 1000-1500?

Its Australian money. Amps are quite expensive over there compared to other places in the world (U.S. and U.K. for examples).

and what kind of music do you play?
are you in a band?

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hmmm I'd recommend the Vox Night Train and a decent cab, since gigging your going to be mic'd anyways.
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okay, looks like i'm not getting th MG100HDFX.
A VOX would be great I think, but I want the half stack look, not a little thing(even though they're just as good).
try an orange tiny terror as well but you'll probably need a pedal for that. Also try blackhearts, i hear they're pretty decent.
tatatotfolife - He's looking to gig with it, they're not really loud enough.

TS - The ones I outlined had AUD prices in mind. I'm in Australia too, I know how bad we get screwed with amp prices.

Used Marshalls (think eBay), new Bugeras, low wattage tube amps (Tiny Terror, Night Train, HT5) are your best options.
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I highly doubt it.

TS, Bugera amps are you best friend in this situation, IF you are gigging.

If your not, HT-5 head + a good quality 2x12 is your new best friend.
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Obvious troll is obvious.

How is he trolling? He isn't trying to say anything positive about MGs, nor has he tried to argue any points defending the amp. He simply said that he was looking into getting one - not everyone is up on their gear knowledge, believe it or not!

TS: Is there any reason why you prefer a half stack other than to look cool??
oi could this dude get the marshall mg and then buy like a line 6 pod would that do it ???? because im told that line 6 are like the shizzamm and anyway all like latest albums this dude would listen to have all been recorded and mastered digitally right??? so he would be getting the sound he wants??

just a suggestion....u dont need a halfstack to look cool let ur playing make u look cool....