So I'm modding my Squier '51. Well, composing a list, really of things I wanna do with it.

One of the things on the list is new pick ups. I was thinking of putting a Vintage Split humbucker in the bridge (everyone loves a sLinky). Yet I'm still undecided on what I want to put in the Neck. I'd like to keep it a single coil to keep the variety of having an H-S guitar.

I play a lot of 3rd wave ska and this is going to be my back-up guitar. So I need cleans mostly but able to at least hold it's own as far as distortion goes. Would the humbucker and maybe a tele-like pick up be a good combination?

tl;dr: I need some pickups good for ska to put in my Squier '51. Would the aforementioned pick up+another of your suggestion work?

EDIT: Forgot to list my amp. I'm using a Peavey ValveKing 112
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Go with a Jazz pick-up, soft and mellow. A Low output single coil would work well, be able to go from a quiet clean arpeggios, to distorted power chords in a snap...

Might be a little darker than you'd want, just depends on the pick-up, Maybe a Dano Lipstick Tube...

Like I said depends on the pick up, I was checking out Tele's last year, and the neck pick-up ran the gamut of mellowness, about half the ones I picked up were to dark. But then again the bridge is the pick-up that you are looking for on a Tele.

Since you are already going with GFS, then check this out...


Would give you alittle more clarity than a Stock Tele Neck.

But I assume you have a Tele PUP sitting around. If so just give it a shot.