I actually got this a while back, it's just that I didn't have a chance to camwhore it 'til today. (somewhat-big-but-not-really-all-that-large-pictures)

First, a little about this guitar: it's vintage, and made by a company that does only acoustics today. It was the first real ergonomic guitar, and the one the Klein was based on. It's very comfortable - I have expended quite a bit of time trying to find a position that was both realistic and uncomfortable, and I couldn't find one. This ergonomic body is carved entirely from one piece (I think - might be 2- or 3-piece), with a 2-piece mahogony neck with an ebony fretboard. Not to mention a very wacky bridge. (see pictures)

It was also the first guitar to came standard with active electronics. Unfortunately, the electronics in mine are shot, so I'll be dropping some passive Dimarzios in there.

This is my vintage Ovation Deacon. Her name is Cheyenne. Plays like a dream, but I gotta wait for those Dimarzios before I can hear her plugged up. It's unusual, but that just makes it all the more beautiful to me.

Obligatory player shot lolololol (See, kids? Most cameras nowadays have timers, so there's no need for silly myspace shots.)

(Damn, I'm goofy-lookin'.)
This is...weird looking! Anyway HNGD!!!
X-Box 360! O_o
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Weird looking but looks really comfy
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Myspace angle shots are awesome and **** you get like cleavage.....

Anyway what an odd looking guitar and got anymore pics of the bridge? And HNGD
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Myspace angle shots are awesome and **** you get like cleavage.....

I meant "myspace shot" in the vein of "in the mirror," not angled. But even in that case, I dislike angled cleavage shots - if it's not impressive from the front, why bother?
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Anyway what an odd looking guitar and got anymore pics of the bridge? And HNGD

It's a little late, but I probably can tomorrow.
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X-Box 360! O_o

With a broken wireless adapter. There's also a regular X-Box in the cabinet next to it.
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One of my friend has two of those. Hurra for Ovation Breadwinners and all of their offshoots!
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Thats is the ugliest sexiest thing i have seen ever (the guitar).

The body shape is so wierd and ugly but the wood on the neck and headstock and the wood grain....im so torn

huh, I've never seen an Ovation electric before. Looks like a pretty swank guitar with the ebony fretboard and all.

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