As suggested in the title, Im getting very aggravated with my DAWs, one in particular FL Studio. It's been crashing on me alot lately despite fresh installs, and even a fresh install after a reinstall and clean swipe of windows.
I easily break through the 2 gigs ceiling with this, and I guess I'm looking for another program to try.

I've looked at Sonar for a long time, especially due to it being 64 bit. I don't care if the samples or VST's are not 64 bit, if the DAW can hold up its end of the deal by being able to handle multiple plugin's going and loading up my 8 gigs of RAM with no prob, then I'm happy.

So I'm here looking for suggestions! Please provide the name of the software+company, and the version you recommend.

Is it more or less difficult to use then FL? (I've been using it, I'm a bit reluctant to make the switch, but right now I'm so infuriated with it that my earlier brainstorm today went to absolute waste...)

Does you suggested program have something similar as a piano roll? I'm fairly sure Sonar did, and reaper as well, along with sony acid (lol) but I more or less would like to find something made specifically for handling vsts only etc. I'm not very interested in Reason as I tried it once before, and couldn't figure it out much at all. I don't even remember being able to find something, much less get a vst to work >_o but thats just me, didn't really care for its layout either.

So any suggestions?
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Cubase or Sonar, cant go wrong there.... On Cubase I can run about 8 tracks of amplitube, ezdrummer and 2 or more synths on 2 gig ram... 8 gig should be adequate for your purposes. Sonar is resource hungry on my machine as I can only handle 3 guitar rigs and ezdrummer and 3 synths before it clips. As for Reason, its best to get a book or the training dvd as it confuses the hell out of me... I haven't bothered reading the book yet, its 500 pages longer than I need right now.
I use Cubase Lite, kinda annoying at times but gets the job done; good production quality, decent interface, great range of tools etc
I got mine free with my zoom h4 so I don't know how much it costs by itself, not to mention the better more pricey versions of Cubase out there.
Of course you could always jump on the pirate ship......
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