On a side note, your looking at the camera freaks me out haha. I'm not used to it. But, as far as the actual song goes, I think you did a great job. You're a good singer, and you know it, so you're not afraid to use infliction, which is important when the song can seem repetitive. I always prefer songs recorded NOT on a camera mic haha, but you still make it sound good and pretty well balanced. The guitar doesn't drown you out, and your voice is soft enough that it doesn't drown the guitar out. Are you a true tenor? Countertenor? Also, crit me!

thanks a lot man! and im never quite sure what to do with my eyes when im recording a video hahahaha

im actually more in between a tenor and a bass, or at least that's what my chorus teacher told me, the conclusion that ive come to is that i have the tone of a tenor but not quite the range of a true tenor