hello UG i am going to be buying a new bass around Christmas time, i have two candidates



(the B 206 SM)

i currently have a fender precision bass and it works fine for the stuff i used to play but now i play music like Tool, Dream Theater and Opeth and a six string would be beneficial for the things we are writing.

the question is would there be a big enough difference in playability and sound to justify spending the money.

thank you for the help
Yes these basses sound nothing like a Fender P bass. I've never played that ESP but I have played the Ibanez (5 string version though, but still pretty much the same) and it has a really nice feel and a great sound.

You might also like to look at Schecter basses too. Their stiletto series basses are around that price range and are amazing basses for the money.
Id go with the Ibanez, they make great mid and high end basses. Great deep sound and those pups are very hot.
thank you for the incite so far is the ibanez worth the extra hundred i would have to pay though (from GAK)? also is a six string a lot different in terms of playability?

thank you again
I've never played the ESP before, but I have played the ibanez, and if I were going to get a midrange 6er I would go with an ibanez. If i were you I would try to get to a shop where you could play them both and compare. One thing I do like about Ibanez is the neck which tends to be thin(well relative to a 6er) but it will be a very different feel than that of your P bass with has a nice chunky neck
both would be excellent complements, the Ibanez is a bit more versatile.
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to BamaBlues = i would but the only guitar shop around where i live, has a hideous selection of basses, and i would not buy anything from them as they charge redicolous prices.

thankyou for the help everyone
Ive played a 5 string version of that ESP and honestly I like it a lot more than the Ibanez, can get a few more tones out of the Ibanez but I thought the feel and look of the ESP was better (spalted maple? mmm) But both are great instruments