if so, anyone go to a gig at the masonic hall at blacktown
wish for wings
mary jane kelly
anyways, anyone know the name of the first band that played?
the clean vocals done by the drummer were really high and they had a keyboard player as well, if that helps jog anyones memory.
lol do you possibly happen to know who it mighta been?
my friend and i have been searching myspace for hours now to no avail
Quote by beetroot10
black asylum? prob worong though as i didnt go

Prob wrong though as they're a thrash metal band from the Central Coast who don't have a keyboard, and have no high singing or a drummer that sings at all.

Apart from that, could have been.

Dunno who it was mate, but support a band there called Persist, and no offense but I think they're the only good thing about your area.