i kind of have a guitar emergency, my b string snapped and ive never changed a string before, and i dont thing i have the right equipment
please help somewone, thanks
So you have a new string? There's loads of vids on YouTube on how to do this. You really don't need any equipment at all.
yeah, just your fingers. youtube it.
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no equipment needed unless of course you have a floyd rose, in which case you should already know how to replace a string
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Breaking and changing strings is part and parcel of being a guitar player. The other posters are right - watch it on youtube. 'Cause there are right ways and wrong ways to fit new strings. Enjoy!
It's pretty easy, really. Just watch a video and you will get the idea. After a while, you will be above to change a string inside one minute.
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but i only need to string 1 string, would the process be changed?

You should change all 6 really.
If one string has gone, the others will eventually follow.

Plus, new strings feel and sound great!
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Oh my god, is this for real?


beat me to it
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well i managed to do it, took me a while and looks a bit sloppy
but sounds in tune so im pretty happy. thanks for the comments i appreciate it.

i may delete this thread but not now i still need more practise on stringing.

oh and thanks for the diagram Mitchell, i saved it as a picture.
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You should _always_ change all strings at once if one breaks because of age. The sound will slightly change and as your ear develop, you will hear this difference in new/old strings

There are some equipment which is quite good to use. One is a handle that you use to turn the peg as you hold the string unto it with the other hand
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If I break an unwound string, I will change that one right away on the hop then change all three plain steel later. You'd have to have a pretty good ear to notice a sound difference with a new top E string. But if I pop a D, A or E, then it's time to change all 6. Some dudes change all their strings after every gig. Good for them. A set of strings will last me for 2 - 3 months. And I do a lot of playing. Like the guys said in another string - wipe down strings after every time (I pinch the string in the cloth and wipe all the way up and down the neck, holding onto the string. You can feel the grunge coming off. But it has to be done straight away.) Works for me.