I have been playing guitar for a year and a half and about 2 months ago i decided to correct my picking technique. I used to use all downstrokes but i decided to learn alternative picking. Well 2 months later and i can still downpick every single song better than i can alternative pick and i feel like just giving up. My big problem is i find it very hard to switch between single notes on each sting very fast. I have been using a metronome and slowing songs down.

How long did it take you to learn alternative picking and feel comfortable with it?

And any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
1 - wrong thread
2 - it took me a year before i found out what a pick was.
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Took me... I dunno, a month maybe? Not to master it, but to achieve some level of comfort doing it. Just play some simple solos and really think "I'm going to alternate pick this crap". Start slowly, and gradually speed up as your fingers get used to it. Later on you might want to play with only upstrokes for a while to get your nerves used to that motion, which will increase alternate picking speed and proficiency as well.

And yes, wrong forum.
I started alternate picking 99% of what I play, only a week after I started playing. So it kinda came natural to me.
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I don't actually remember, but my first teacher was always telling me to alternate pick. At first I had to force myself to continue the regular up-and-down pattern, but it became second nature eventually.

I don't know how long that took, though. A lot of the songs I played at the time were pop-punk stuff, so I was downpicking for, like, a few years, even though I could alternate pick. So I don't remember how long it took.

Check the technique forum for alt. picking tips.

what dont people understand about that?

tilt your pick at a 45 degree angle, rotating that angle toward the bridge, away from the neck.
it helps tremendously.
Thanks everyone for the replies, this is the first thread i have posted and i am very happy with how many people took the time to reply, i'l take all the advice into consideration