I've heard nothing but good things about the Squier Classic Vibe Series.
However, in all discussions comparing the two, anyone who has had both still prefer the Fender.

Basically, I think if you settle for the Squier, you'll be getting a good guitar.

So it depends on you, how willing are you to spend the extra 130.

Another thing to consider.
Are you going to be able to See and Test these guitars before you buy?

Squiers are known for being hit or miss. Sometimes you can get a great guitar. Sometimes not.

If you can test them first, and you like the squier, get it.

If you are buying sight unseen, get the Fender.

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Yeah, go with the Classic Vibe Tele.
I recently got one and the pickups are amazing.
If you are looking for a good Bluesy or Rock type guitar go with it.
Not that great for metal though, but it is truely an amazing guitar.

EDIT: I find Classic Vibe Teles are better than the strats. I got mine for $300.
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I usually hate Squiers, but the Classic Vibes have impressed me. However that Fender 50's strat you're looking at is a much better guitar. To me the Classic Vibes are only comparable to about up to maybe the Deluxe MIM's, and even that's a stretch for me. Not everyone will feel this way, but I do. I know it's arguable, but I've played both, and while I could gush over the Fender 50's strats, the Squiers just made me think "Well, there's an opponent for the MIM Standard if people are fine without the word 'Fender'. Not very much else though.".

Basically, the Squier will work for a bit, for what it is it's a solid little piece. But if you can hold out for the Fender, you'll be a happier chap in the long-run.

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OMG! i love the fender one!
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