I recently got a Jackson JS30WR and I love it but I would like to replace the neck. It's bolt-on of course. Does anyone know if all Jackson import necks are compatible? I seem to remember reading somewhere that they were. Thanks and keep rockin'! \m/
i've heard plenty people have replaced those kinda necks with ones from more expensive models
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aren't the necks on all of the jackson models pretty similar? unless its the sharkfins your going for. i have 2 jacksons (a kelly and rr3) and a friend of mine has an sl3 and they all feel pretty similar to me neck wise - other than that the sl3 has a neck through.
after a certain year, jackson changed the size of the screws for their necks. i cant remember if they got bigger or smaller. anyway, if they were the wrong size you would just have to make the holes in either the neck or the body bigger. if it came down to it, you could use a dowl rod and some wood glue/sawdust mix to fill the hole back in again and just drill the right size in the neck. ebay usually has a big selection of jackson necks but theyre almost all cut for a locking nut. personally. i dont like the look of a normal nut where a locking would would normally be but you could probably make a longer truss rod cover to fix that.

EDIT: to coben, i have an old kelly and it originally had a pretty thick neck on it. its a lot more then all other jacksons ive played
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