I've been thinking about trading my Epi firebird studio to a Epi 1956 goldtop reissue.
I realise doing it will be a mistake,so i'm only seitching my amp.
I sold my Line 6 Spider 3 to some guy, and i'm soon getting a Blackheart little giant combo amp and a Boos OS-2(you might not like it,i think it's great).
Thing is, i am still missing something pretty big in my sound/tone, so i'm thinking about changing my pickups.
I play mainly punk,alternative rock and hard rock.
Any advice?
Wait 'til you get your new amp then make up your mind about the sound. Alternatively post up your current gear.
I did try the amp(i have went to the store many times to try it,and i really like it).
What is missing? Is your sound not chunky enough, or is it too chunky, or what? Alot can be done with EQ on the amp, and even the volume/tone knobs on your guitar.

Also, to get a better lead sound, I always add a bit of reverb.
I hear Seymour Duncan Invaders are a punks wet dream, I have no experience with them, just what I hear. Might give em a listen.
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What is missing? Is your sound not chunky enough, or is it too chunky, or what?
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I feel like my tone isn't chuncky enough.
It's kinda loose.

Well, buy an ToneZone from Dimarzio, or Super3 (more hotter and more Output, but not so good for punk maybe hehe).
dimarzios fred is great for punk, or a eq pedal would help
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