hi, i am to pick up my new peavey 6505+ in a few days, and when i played it i noticed how NOISY it was, spesh with active pickups i guess. but anyway. couple of questions

1) what is the best kinda noise gate? heard good things about the isp decimators, but they are twice the price of a boss NS-2 and pretty hard to get in aus, so is it worth it?

2) when running it, should i put it in the effects loop or straight into the input?

I run an NS-2, dont notice any "Suckage" it cleans up the rythem, makes it tight, and kills the hum. Dude from Rise Against runs one as well, not that he makes it ok, but if its good enough for touring/recording/arena players, its good enough for me. Price was a concearn of mine, so I bought it.

No hum.
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