Well, I'm off to college soon and my parents are still being iffy about helping me with money for it so I need to sell off some of the crap that I have. Reasonable offers welcomed. Prices not including shipping, which will probably be USPS. Ask all questions prior, and I can get pictures if need be.

MXR Phase 90 - Reasonable condition... few scratches, not super beat up. Has piece of velcro on bottom. $40.

Generic uncovered bridge pickup - Medium/low output. Pulled from a Drive Wildifire X3. Two-lead. $7.

Generic covered neck pickup - Paired with pickup above. Similar specs. $7.

EMG Select H/S/H set - Two EMG Select humbuckers and one single coil for guitar. Pulled from a Steinberger Spirit. $45 for set, $25 for just one HB, $15 for just the single.

GFS Loudmouth - Bought new from Guitarfetish. Plenty of lead left. $25.

Dimarzio New7 set - Pulled from Ibanez RG7321. $80 for set, $45 for just one.

Squier 7 string pickup set - Pulled from Squier Stagemaster 7. Actually fairly good-sounding bridge pickup, quite hot. Read around 17K if I recall for both neck and bridge. $40 for set, $25 for individual pickup.

Celestion G12T100 "Goldback" with rip in cone - Was going to eBay this, but my Mom went ahead and put a huge rip in the cone. With a re-cone this was a decent speaker, but not a good pair for a Marshall. Sounds better with an American-style amp in my opinion. $30.

Accutronics spring reverb - No idea what model this is... pulled from a JCM2000 DSL401. Works. No cord included. Quite dusty. $10.

Just gimme a PM if you want to buy anything or make an offer.
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