Hey UG

I need a seriously cheap guitar that is good for metal/hard rock.

All i want is good quality (for the price), a fixed bridge and a guitar thats good for dropped tunings.

Highest price will be £200

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200 GBP is about 330 USD right ?

I currently using a cheap Ibanez Gio, I bought only for 1700000 IDR (about 170 USD).
Not bad for me, agathis body though
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if you're willing to buy online from ireland, waltons is blowing out some Lags for around that amount of money. Might be worth considering. I don't know what quality the ones they're selling are, but the ones I've tried in shops closer to home have been pretty nice, especially for that reduced price. You're probably looking at the 200 series one, most likely the roxanne if you want a fixed bridge?

You'd also want to check that they're not B-stock etc. at that kind of price. Just to be sure.
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Very good guitar for the Money, the Pickups are Alnicos and you can split the Humbucker too.