there's no singing, we're still auditioning singers

these are demos from the album we're writing right now, show a good variety of what we play, although we haven't tracked any of the more electro stuff yet.

check it at http://www.myspace.com/ottawadeathmetalsamples

and let me know what ya think!
well with a name like canadian electronic death metal I couldn't help but give a listen... cudos on your marketing strategy.

very technically good, timing is very tight, gtr tone /drum tone is great.

my impression of your gtr style is that it reminds me a LOT of annihilator.

if I had to pick something I didn't care for (about it): I don't know if it's just not what I'm into these days but I had a hard time paying attention.
(keeping in mind that if I listened to half of yngwie malmsteen's stuff - stuff that I could admittedly never play - I'd probably say about the sm thing - so take this with a grain of salt.)

summary: I see your talent as a gtr player, and the drummer is very gifted as well.
brutal. But im not seeing where the 'electronic' part of the description is, unless you are referring to the drum machine? Either way its some really fun material, very lively. I also like your use of keys in the songs, they give a very ominous vibe. I gotta say though, i got kinda tired of the constant shredding, but other than that really cool music. Good luck with your search for a vocalist too. these songs would sound even better with some super low growls, nice job on the tunes