so my girlfriend left her bass amp at my house and lately ive been using that at home instead of my guitar amp which i use at practice. i use pedals for all my effects so i really just need a clean signal from an amp, i really liked the sound i got because it was very heavy and beefed up.

i am thinking about buying a good bass amp to use with my guitar (i needed one anyways because i have i bass guitar too) would i run into any problems using a guitar on a bass amp? i wouldnt think so but i just wanted to check with other guitarists
u shouldn't. i dont play bass i only play guitar but when i go to band practice my drummer would sometimes use the bass amp with his guitar cuz his guitar amp only has one input. the sound is really low and theres no distortion but i think it sounds really cool. i use a roland micro cube for my guitar and its perfect. ive never tried using a bass with it
1) ^ Your font is annoying as hell.
2) A decent bass amp and good equalization will sound fine, and I personally love the sound of guitars through bass amps. You might loose some high end, but your power chords and any E-A string riffs will come out really well and sound great.
3) There was no distortion because you didn't add a distortion pedal...
If all you play is heavy rythem, knock yourself out. (Its going to be heavy as crap). I wouldnt do it, well maybe I would, I try a lot of crazy stuff. Let me know how it turns out.
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