Okay so i have

Boss Noisegate-
Korg Pithcblack tuner-
Boss Delay-
Boss Overdrive-
And Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal.

my question is how to i line up those pedals in witch order? to get the best sound and low noise.??

also i play a Gibson Sg and use engl sovereign100 amp. Thanks

(i mainly plays metal)
Guitar into tuner first, noisegate into amp. The rest you mix and match essentially although you could probably get away with putting your delay into the FX loop of your amp.
guitar -> tuner -> wah -> overdrive -> noisegate -> delay -> amp

some might reverse the wah and OD but i think it sounds best in this order
guitar -> tuner -> wah -> overdrive -> noisegate -> preamp -> delay -> poweramp

1)tuner wants to be first since it'll tune best if the sound is purest (early in chain)
2)overdrive/wah order. do you want a distorted wah or a wah'd distortion. the first is more common otherwise you'll take the clipped bit of signal and wah that which can sound a bit odd
3)noisegate wants to be before the pre-amp to chop out any noise that's been added by the effect chain/noise from the guitar before it gets amplified too much and is hard to remove
4) delay - wants to be in the FX loop (after all the overdriving) so that instead of over driving lots of little bursts of delay you have an over driven sound that comes out it little bursts. It's the difference between ambient noise (good/crisp sounding) and noisy ambience (bad/cluttered)

as a general rule you want

guitar -> tuner -> modulation (wah/whammy etc.) -> overdrive -> signal processor (noise gate/compressor) -> preamp -> time based fx (chorus/delay/reverb etc.) -> poweramp

EDIT: added signal processor
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Thanks for good reply
I was thinking would it be better if i took out the overdrive since i almost only use the one in the amp? i meen does it make noise just sitting there??
depends how you're using it. with a valve amp you can use the overdrive pedal set on low gain to help push the amps overdrive a bit more/break up more easily or you can use it as an overdrive in it's own right and take the drive purely from the pedal while leaving your amp clean. Either way you're going to get a different sound using it against not. Even if you prefer the sound of your amps overdrive it can give you flexibility as an extra boost/cut should you want it maybe as a gain boost for leads, or if you want a mid-overdrive sound and hard overdrive in one song but only have 2 channels etc.
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
general question!:

is it any problem to run the tuner AFTER the OD, but just turn the OD off when tuning?
Because that's what i do... and it seems to work perfectly fine.