This is for people who live in toronto who may be looking for a band or just someone to jam with. Here you might find someone of similar style to yours and who knows u could be the next big thing. just post what area ur in, musical style etc.

heres the guideline:

Age: (ex. whatever your age is)

Area: (ex. Scarborough, Downtown, Vaughan..)

Instrument: (ex. Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Drum..)

Like To Play: (ex. bands or genre you like )

Not Like To Play: (ex. bands or genre you dont like)

Other: (what other things can you do for the band ex.
mixing/producing etc..)
Age: 15

Area: Holland Landing/Newmarket

Instrument: Guitar

Like To Play: Metallica

Not Like To Play: New bands ie. A7x, or emo metal

Other:not much
Age: 16

Area: Vaughan, Woodbridge

Instrument: Guitar for almost 2 years

Like To Play: 70s and 80s stuff such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath,
Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, Megadeth and Metallica

Not Like To Play: death metal, rap, screamo

Other: I can collaborate with writing lyrics and make suggestions
with them but struggle a little with making them up

Burlington (NOT IN TORONTO)


Metallica, Pantera, Dragonforce,
G N' R, Nirvana, TO NAME A FEW.

Any thing not listed.

Mixer, Recording/Editing/Mastering software