What are some of your favorite strings? I've been using Elixers, but want to try out some different kinds.
Yeah I've been using Elixer Mediums and I would break them sort of often but I think I was playing too hard... I use D'Addario's on my acoustic. What about Ernie Ball Slinky's? My friend uses them and likes them.
Ernie Ball Heavy Bottom Strings, it's a great mix set, i love it
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Been using, Ernie ball 9 gauge and same gauge D'Addarios - still can't decide which I like best. Maybe leaning toward D'Addarios. Also been using Ernie Ball, light top, heavy bottom - didn't like them though.
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I like Ernie Ball strings, on one guitar I've got skinny top-heavy bottoms and on the other I've got slinky 9s
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DR Strings
They've got so much bite and clarity that I prefer them to everything else. (What I say is my opinion)
I use 10-46 gauge regulars and the 10-i forget gauge Dimebag strings
Dunlop ZW 10 - 46. They can go to Drop C and I've never broken one


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D'addario 11-49 for my Full D guitars
D'addario 9-42 for half step down guitars

oh yeah baby, best strings ever made.
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I use Ernie Ball 10's on one of my guitars but I've got the stock Fender strings on my Tele, mainly because they haven't broken since I bought it and they feel great as is. Don't fix what isn't broken.
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Pink G strings or tho-
o wait.

D'addario .12s
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i've been using Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms by Ernie Ball for a while and i play in drop C and D Standard. I just recently went up to 11's (Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies). I gotta get used to the .022 unwound 3rd string. (not a fan of wound 3rds...)
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Primarily I use Ernie Ball, but yesterday I bought a set of Elixers and will be stringing my guitar up with them today.
Ernie Ball Super Slinky's are amazing.
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Super slinkys, they are cheap and sound great. They don't last like elixers but sound way better with better harmonics. Elixers are way expensive too.
I use D'Addario .10s and I play in everything from standard to drop C, they're great
Ernie ball 9s and 10s, im ccurrently running 8s on my LP to try for that Page-y sound. they are super bright.
I like D'Aadario mediums on my acoustic. I love the sound and feel. For my electric, I usually string up with D'Aadario's. Although when I went to get some new strings, they only had Dunlops in my gauge, so I'll be giving them a try. Bass I'm rocking some Fenders that I'm more than pleased with. But that might be because they're the first new strings I've put on since I got my bass a number of years ago.
Ernie Ball Rock n Roll 10's. Had them for a while, still in good condition and haven't snapped any.
Ernie Ball Power Slinky 11's. My friends find it strange to have 11's in standard E tuning like me.
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Ernie Ball RPS Regular Slinkys 010's
i used to play Super Slinkys 009's but now that i use heavy vibrato those strings felt to loose for my fingers
DR 10-52s.

Ive used D'Addario and Ernie Ball, and the DRs just sound better to me.
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