Hey can anyone tell me some easy megadeth songs to learn? Preferably from their Countdown To Extinction album but others are fine too.
Obviously Fassa.
Symphony of Destruction
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Not from CtE, but Trust is pretty easy. Also Symphony of Destruction (solo is hard though) and Skin O' my Teeth.
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Countdown to Extinction (the song) seems rather simple. Angry Again and She-Wolf are also pretty easy.
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Tornado of Souls and Hanger 18 are really easy to pick up

but seriously symphony of destruction or trust arent too hard
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Symphony of Destruction

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dread and the fugitive mind. sounds great and isnt hard at all
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a lot of the later ones (from CTE, inclusive, onwards) are not too bad if you're willing to skip the solo.
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May not be the easiest to play, but Go to hell is my fav megadeth song to play, awesome intro.
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Megadeth rythms are often easy to pick, it's when it comes to the solo when it gets though. i say Sweating Bullets, since the solo isn't that hard.
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Megadeth rythms are often easy to pick, it's when it comes to the solo when it gets though. i say Sweating Bullets, since the solo isn't that hard.

I agree with this whole post.
A Tout Le Monde, Trust, Symphony of Destruction, Peace Sells, I'll Get Even, well tbh, like Dave said, most things from CtE onwards, minus solo's (Although the A Tout Le Monde solo is easy, although if you're a beginner you might find the 3 string sweep tricky at the end of the solo).
Not really a beginner. Been playing for about a year and a half. But I started Sweating Bullets about half an hour ago and have all but half the solo down.
Obviously Fassa.
Symphony of Destruction, Sweating bullets, Dread and the fugitive mind, countdown to extintion, Of mice and men, peace sells, Train of Consiquences.
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