Hey I posted the unfinished version of this around a month or two ago. This version is pretty much finished, but tbh i want to extend the part at bar 53 before going back to the verse. This is pretty much a finished version of the song, but if i ever record it I will def. add to that part first.

Anyways, tell me what you think. And if its an improvement from the last version.


edit: btw listen in midi, not rse. I wrote it all in midi because my laptop speakers cant
handle the rse, especially with more than a couple instruments.
Irish March.zip
Irish March gp4.zip
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GAH! Downloading! Too impatient/excited to post after critting, I'll edit this post. XD

Off the bat, I can't decide whether or not I like that you added harmonies to the intro. It's good. Oh well. I like that you extended the next part, before the acoustic part comes in, but I liked before how that chromatic riff was the focus and led right into the next part, but that string in my left ear grabs my attention. I think you should make it so that riff is-- nevermind. There it is. Okay, this next part is new. I love the sliding. The cymbals are a little bit too loud in comparison to the lead.

Leading into the next part, the acoustic part, I like it generally. I miss the old acoustic part so far, but I dunno if it'll be in this one later. I like the choir voices here, but when that second acoustic comes in, I dunno how I feel about it. It feels too happy and major-scale-ish now. I like that random lead, though, that leads into the acoustic part. GAH. There are midis! I'm listening with RSE! Midis do not belong in RSE!

Ah! There's my favorite acoustic part! Bar 64! This whole part was my favorite part of the last version. It's still there! Yes! GAH! *orgasm*. I'm glad you didn't change this part a bit. It's perfect. I wonder if the next part... no, the next part isn't the same. But I like that you extended the length of this part. YES! Now it leads into my second-favorite part! Still sounds perfect, just like in the old version. I love this! The lead is awesome, and how it starts off with just the bass drum

Bar 101! Another of my favorite parts! Sounds more epic than before, it sounds like you added in a couple instruments. It also sounds... cleaner than in the other version. The lead is a little quiet, but I can still hear it, and it's still epic. Ah, and this is where the last version ended. We get acoustic. I like it so far, besides that it's a midi. Sounds pretty awesome. Lord, and the accordian thing came in, and the other high acoustic, I think this is wonderful.

I noticed lyrics above that last acoustic part. I like that it feels more like a saying or dialogue as opposed to singing or lyrics.

God, just an amazing job here. 11/10, absolutely.

I'll still save this on my computer separate from the old one, since I kinda liked the first electric part [after the choir stuff] in that one better for some reason.

My god. I think I have a hard-on.
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haha yea. actually i tabbed it all using only midi. so the volumes probably sound off if you play it in rse. its meant to be played in midi i should of added that in my post.

and the lyrics, i meant to take those off before posting. those arent really serious its just stuff i sang while listening to it lol.

thanks tho

and im glad it gave you a hard on, thats my goal. is to give people erections when they hear my music
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**** this is good. Did you get rid of anything? For some reason it sounds like a couple parts from the old version are missing.

I could go through each individual part and go on and on about how great it was, but that would take a hell of a lot of typing

The only real negative was the mixing. Both RSE and midi had some significant problems in their mixes. The drums in RSE were a little too loud (especially those bloody chinese cymbals). In midi they were a little quiet. There were some instruments that were getting completely lost in the mix as well. I expect fixing all of this to be nothing short of a nightmare Although you could start just by dropping the volume on those chinese things to mf or mp.

I've never bothered to give scores in my crits, at least outside of the few competitions I've judged, so this will be the first, and likely last time that I do. 10/10 easily the best thing I've heard on here.

Now, good luck living this one down
Quote by icronic

Now, good luck living this one down

yes my friend always jokes that ill never be able to write anything better. which is probably true haha.

and yea, i tabbed it all in midi. ive never listened in rse so i dont know what it sounds like with it. I edited my original post to make sure everyone else that listens doesnt use rse.
gah i cant stop listening to it. its so epic and i think i will have to agree with your friend on this cause i dont think anyone can make anything better than this even you haha!
Just wow.

This is a master piece. even WITH midi, it still sounds good. this would be an amazing song recorded...

I'm curious as to what inspired you to write this? Not every day someone writes an irish anthem o_o

10/10 man.
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Just wow.

This is a master piece. even WITH midi, it still sounds good. this would be an amazing song recorded...

I'm curious as to what inspired you to write this? Not every day someone writes an irish anthem o_o

10/10 man.

Well, it started out with just the main melody. and i thought it was sort of irish sounding so i stuck to that. but i am a pretty proud irish person so that kept me to trying to make it sound that way. i am 1/4 irish, plus born on st. patricks day and my names patrick hehe.

I do plan on recording it some time but i want to purchase a nice mic and amp. i was thinking about renting a studio but itd take so long to record. ill figure it out.

thanks for all the comments guys.

and ill get urs critted asap piano-forte.

oh and i added the gp4 to the main post
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This song just screams epic, and i'm only 15 seconds into it. I really like what you did with the octaves starting in bar 20, and the acoustic section flows really well. The ascending guitar lick starting in bar 40 was sweet as well. The nylon part added a nice addition to the acoustic feel but throwing a different element in as well. I like the harmony you used for the chords in the triplet section, it looks like it'd be fun for either guitar to play. The outro was awesome as I expected as well, a nice calm to end the omg-ness of the song. 9.5/10 easily.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1173216
dude, first of all, i goota say that this is awesome...an second sorry it took so long...
anyway, here is my crit..

bar 1-4 i like the choir intro, very cool
bar 4-18 this is so good, the guitar riff is very good
bar 20-27 i love the octave harmonizations, very cool melody..
bar28-39 the acoustic piece is really good, and the choir parts are nice..
independence gathers- sweetness, i cant say anything more, but the lead from 53 to 54 was gold
bar 64-this riff was so soothing, it was beautiful
bar 71-86 awesome, loved the harmonies and how it sped up, really excellent, prolly my fav part.
no i take that back,lol bar 97-124 is my favorite part, i love it, i could listen to it over an over for the rest of the day an not get bored, its awesome
i love the outro its very fitting...

overall-id give this a 9/10...this was one of the best songs i've heard on here, keep up the good work..
hey guys this is rkay, my account with the name rkay got banned and so did this one for multiaccounts. my brother had this account but since my account rkay got banned permanently he let me have this one which just got unbanned today.

so just making clear this is my song im just on a diff account.

i want to put a link in my sig to all the songs i posted and will post so i just wanted to clear it up that im just on a diff account, im not trying to steal it.

btw ill still crit 4 crit if anyone wants to crit this.
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Why did you notate this in 3/4? The beat is clearly in 4/4.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
it is 3/4 for some parts then i switcfh to 4/4 at other parts. i deff think the verses and intro are all in 3/4 not 4/4. but the later rock part of the song is in 4/4
The beat is distinctly 4/4. Look at it even, it's clearly split up into 4 beats that are a dotted eighth note long. It would have been much simpler to do it in 4/4 with a different tempo. It's pretty much impossible to count "1 2 3" to it without sounding terribly off-beat. Listen to it with the metronome going, it sounds awful.

The music itself is very good, it's just notated wrong.

Edit - Ah, the outro is 3/4. That's all, as far as I can tell.

Edit 2 - Hell, that might even be 6/4.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
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you're right i think it is 4/4. i guess when i tabbed it out for some reason it just fit into 3/4 and i left it that way
bits and pieces were good.


****ing amazing.
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If you were to fix the wierd intro up a bit, and record it properly, i'd totally buy this.
what parts of the intro do u think need to be worked on. ive been kinda iffy about it ever since i added it but havnt really changed it yet
OP is banned xD

And, the gun shots (yea?) are a bit odd :S
The drums sound a bit odd at that intro, and the chromatic runs upwards - i really don't like them.

I understand the point of them, but i just don't feel they're useful, they really stick out. Maybe that's a mixing thing; 41-45 sounds similarily wierd lol.

Bar 53, for some reason reminds me of a Queen solo :O

after bar 64, is what really sells it for me tbh.
lol the gunshots were put there for like a roaring sounding effect just for gpro. i wouldnt use anything like that on the recorded version.

the mixing on it all isnt really how i want it, i just dont feel like going through and fixing it all up. when i finally record it then itll be how i want it.

rkay is my account but since i had that account and this one it got banned for multiaccounts and they told me to just use this one