Recently I have been having a couple of problems with my Ibanez S470. One of them is when I play the 20th fret G string it buzzes, this also happens when I bend up from the 18th or 19th fret on th G string and also when I bend up on the 20th fret of the B string. how can I fix this?
It is really annoying and restricts my use at the higher frets because when I bend the note just fades away.

Also this might just be me being a whammy 'noob' but I can't really seem to go low or high as I think I should be without feeling like i'm pushing the bridges limits... can I loosen it so the bar goes down easier and things? Sorry if that's a over simplified question but this my first guitar with a whammy Also sometimes my G string (lol) goes out of tune when I use the whammy....but none of the other strings do...
I dont know a whole lot about floyds but you need to adjust the spring tension it sounds like.
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The floyd on your guitar isn't as flexible as others, so you are right it can't go too high or low. The reason is that it has extra tension to make it return to the 'zero position'. Which means you have more tuning stability.
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