So I'm planning on buying a new guitar (for a loooong time) and my options narrowed to
Shecter Omen 6 Extreme wich costs 400 dlls
BC Rich Outlaw PX3, 400 dlls too (yes, low-end BC Rich, and I like it, hard to believe huh?)

I thought I was better going with the Outlaw, but then a friend of mine showed me his new guitar: an Ibanez GRG170DXL, which is 250 dlls, and it felt great.
The advantge is that here in Mexico I can get it for 2500 MXN. (250 dlls = approx. 3200 MXN.)
so I can buy it and change the stock humbuckers for, I was thinking, the SH-4/TB-4 seymour duncan pack or maybe Seymour Duncan Invaders

I play mostly Thrash Metal, so I think High output would fit into my needs.
I play trough a Peavey Vypyr 15w, which is almost new so I'm not getting another one

So what do you think? Shecter, BC Rich (which I like most because of the rockfield mafia stock pickups) or GRG170DXL with Inavders or SH-4/TB-4?

Any suggestions for any other pickups would be great, try to make it passive humbuckers please, actives are not in my sight for now.
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']It's the sound of Satan himself ripping through the electronics in the guitar....

It's a pinch harmonic, dude.
About the BC Rich... You probably played it through a better amp than you have at home so it will naturally sound good... and the lower end ones don't last and aren't constructed very well. I'd go with the Schecter.

EDIT: Have you seen the Damien's?


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Get the Schecter

Don't buy a low end B.C. Rich save up around 800 bucks and you can get a high quality guitar that plays better than a Hellraiser.