what it says in the title

what do you put in the ''looking for'' posters ?

I suppose you would put:
a) what you're looking for ie: guitarist, bassist, drummer, vocal, friend with benefits
b) The genre/sexual orientation of your band
c) How to contact you (phone number, email, bat-signal)
d) maybe a preferred amount of experience if you're picky
i think put nothing except what is required - people wont be looking at them for ages or reading an essay on why your bnd will be better for them than anyone else or anything

i'd put in big letters drummer/ bass/ vox/ guitars required
the style of music you play (with influences maybe)
the aim of the band - fun/ covers/ originals/ serious commitment
possibly how much experience your looking for/ age range

other than that the question is what is important to you?

another tip actually is - if your looking for multiple members dont put them on the same poster - i wouldn't reply to an ad where i think its going to be me and one other guy playing guitar and then we have to find everyone else. dont lie, but once they have met you and see how you get along then is probably the time to say that you dont have a full band.