Here's the song that I wrote for my grandma who died this tuesday.
She died of a heartattack while we where on vacation. Needless to say the vacation ended early and we came back the same day.
She was the only person in my whole family that supported my guitar playing and my music-love. Writing a song was what felt most right.

Today was the funeral and I performed the song during the after-funeral-dinenr thing.
Only had 3-4 days to write this and to get it toa certain lever of perfection.
I'm very displeased with my performance and the camera-work.
But it's genuine...
I feel you, man.
I have a grandma and she's the only one who actually encourages me to pursue a music career. Although she's very nosey, overprotective, etc. etc. like moms and grandmas usually are and that get's very annoying sometimes, it's really gonna be sad when she's gone, and I have a feeling she may not be here much longer.

Anyway, I loved the song, great emotion, very well written, I don't have many complaints about it. I'd like to hear the demo version of it if you don't mind.
sorry for youre loss bro. good idea to make a tribute song. it was great playing. i think it was to long though. i started to lose interest at around the 2 min mark. if it was with a full band there it might have worked. it almost seemed like it wasent the right time to play that. maybe had it been a short acoustic thing it might have been better. not bad though, and youre a great guitar player. i wish i could do that. keep it up man.

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A fitting farewell.

You're a very skilled musician. Lots of emotion and feeling displayd.
Really well written.

I bet she'd be proud of you man.

By the way, what happened to that PGM of yours?
Stay sharp and hold on tight.
I'll say here what i said in my Youtube comment.

I feel for you man, i lost my grandmother in November and its tragic. but this song is amazing. its a lot like all the "sad" songs that shredders do, but not prettied up. the raw feel is great here, all of the emotion shows through in this. fantastic job man
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That's some sweet shredding. That's a mighty crappy camera though.
You got some skills my good man.
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Hey you know what else is long?

" it almost seemed like it wasent the right time to play that. maybe had it been a short acoustic thing it might have been better."

It was the right time to play that cause it was the time to show my true respect and love. I did it all from my heart and if it's too long, fine - it's as long as it had to be.
I can see what you mean but dude, THIS is as emotionaly pure and true as I ever get so it was the only thing that was right to play at that time.

I agree though, the piece is kinda boring. Especialy when you can't really hear all the fancy **** that's going on in the backing-track :P.

Thanks for the kind words everybody I appreciate it very much