I have a..well not a problem but i need something.
When playng i have my Laney LX65R Drive channel and Boss DS-1 beeing used at once.When playng clean i only use the clean channel of my amplifier,but when i use distortion i have the amps drive channel and the boss ds-1 at once,when i turn to the clean channel i only need the amp without the pedal again.Im playng with a lot of switches between clean and distortion,right now i just try to press the pedals fast,but that can get annoyng.Im thinking about Boss LS-2.Would it be possible to plug it so that when i turn it on,my amps drive chanel and the pedal turns on,and when i turn the selector off,both of them turn off?Im thinking about pluging my guitar to the input jack the output to amp,the DS-1 to A and the Footswitch to B (with a cord output to footswitch socket).Possible?
I do this with my amp. I just have them both close together and I hit the both with one stomp, which hits the switch and pedal
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I think you can do that with a midi controller (the Boss can't do it for sure) those are expensive but are probably the only solutio to your problem