I am curious to know what you guys do to incorporate your guitar influences style into your playing style. Do you learn licks and incorporate your style as you go along OR Do you learn entire solos note for note?

I've never learnt an entire solo note for note - What I've done so far is learn the licks and build on the existing "Lick vocabulary" that I have.

Any suggestions/comments?

Just learn solos or licks by guitarist you like. If you wanna incorporate what they did, you gotta KNOW what they did first. You just kind of just but little tricks in your solos that they inspired you to do. You just have to influenced by them, inspired by them. It just happens. Everything little thing you do or listen to is an influence.
for me it just kind of naturally happens. that's why they're called influences, no? i didn't mean for that to sound like a smart ass comment at all.

but if you think about it, your influences play your particular instrument of choice in the way that you want to hear it played. naturally you'd do the same, right?
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