Hey I've been looking to replace the bridge pickup in my tele (maybe the neck one too not sure yet) and I hear a lot of great things about dimarzio pickups. Does anyone have dimarzios in their tele? which model and bridge or neck? What kind of sound do you get from it? Personally I want a bridge pup that has less twang, punchy in your face mids and lows and screaming highs. I mostly play classic rock and blues.
You're not really going to get "screaming highs" on a Tele without twang. You can try a single coil sized bucker like the Chopper T with 500k pots to brighten it up a bit, or swap out your bridge plate for one with a humbucker opening and go with something like a PAF. A Chopper with your stock pots is going to have a warmer sound -- more restricted highs, but good mids and bass.
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