any tips? dont know why but singing while playing guitar has been something ive never been able to do. anyone got any tips on how i can get better?
Practice the playing part of a song until you can switch chords unconsciously. Then try singing along with it, but just the pieces of lyrics you don't have to think about. If you're trying to do complicated things while you're trying to sing, forget about it. Eventually you'll get it. It just takes a bit of practice for most people. Playing and singing along with a recording is also helpful.
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I can't really think of any tips; it's something you just get or you don't. I guess start with mostly chordal stuff with simple rhythms, then work to complex rhythms, then move to melodies.
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Quote by Dirk Gently
Practice the playing part of a song until you can switch chords unconsciously

I think you meant subconsciously....

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Quote by AutumnFire
I think you meant subconsciously....

Not if you have Godly rhythm.
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Whichever. As long as you're not doing it consciously. That's the point. Whether you're out cold or day dreaming, makes no difference.
Hi, I'm Peter
As everyone has said, your playing has got to be automatic to be able to sing well. I never really even thought about singing until I could play with my eyes closed. With that being said, you could first try humming along to the song while playing and once you're playing and humming in sync attempt to sing as well
a tip that may help is finding a song where the guitar melody is playing the same notes as the vocalist is singing, not only will this get you used to doing both at the same time but it should improve your ability to sing in tune. Plus it's a hell of a lot easier when you're playing the same thing you're singing, if you get my meaning
if you write your own songs keep the parts you sing to simple (just chords) and when ur not singing add a catchy melody or solo. practice a lot!
just wondering if there were any practice tips. im a fairly advanced lead guitar player but for some reason this is something i just dont get.