oh yes way too much. they are selling new specials for 170 now. it really stinks i wanted to sell mine too. i tried daddys and they said only 60 bucks. i was like...no. but if you wanna sell ebay or cragislist maybe like 100 bucks or so. good luck
try graigslist that is where you'll get the most try $100, $170 is way to much for a cheap guitar like the epi les paul special ll
i bought one used fpr $80 at guitar center for my first guitar, if that helps
You might end up being better off keeping it. As they go for 169 new just about any place its not likely your gonna get 170 for a used 1 with a ding in the front. I was gonna sell my squire at 1 time but saw what people were giving for them and figured the 60$ wouldnt get me much at a music store. Its worth 60 to me as a modding guitar.