almost new Champion 600 reissue recording amp upgraded with new EHX JJ 12ax7 and JJ 6v6 tubes, plus the following AlkaValve mods --

Tone Stack Bypass Mod
Cathode Bypass Mod
De-Humming Mod

in short these mods allow for more gain, less hum, and a better tone overall.

the Tone Stack Bypass mod really helped to "open" the sound up, MUCH less boxy overall, and more gain.

the Cathode Bypass mod allows for a slightly more vibrant, controlled tone.

the De-Humming mod removed a little bit of hum.

the new EHX JJ tubes replaced the original chinese ones, and the tone is quite a bit fuller/warmer now.

I've had this amp for little over a week, and it really does sound great and vibrant cranked up to 12 with my electric guitar. BUT, for my new project i require a clean, keyboard amp, so this has to go.

Asking 200$ shipped or best offer. PM me.
seriously low for a tube amp, but my band mates are telling me i need to get my keyboard amp NOW --

new price - 125 shipped FIRM
Do you ship to canada?
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