Hey fellas, havin' some difficulties with a couple techniques here.



Okay, so for this I have trouble hitting the quick 77 B to E string. I play the 77 kinda like an arpeggio/sweep pick, not alternating. The problem is that one or both barely ring out, but I feel like I'm really digging in with the right hand, and I just can't get it to sound decent no matter how much I try, it's really frustrating because it seems simple enough.



This is a little part of the Little Wing solo that I improvised (although I'm sure I've just subconsciously jacked it from some Jimi/SRV version hehe). the two fast 14p12's and then back up to the 12h14 are where I'm having muting problems, in that when I'm going from D to A string on the pull-offs, my index is lifting off the D and it sometimes rings out before I can fret the A again quickly.

Thanks for any help
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Ok, the first lick is a classic in blues and hard rock n' ****, I recommend barring the 7-7 and using your pinky for the 10p7.

Definatly alternate pick it.
The first one check your fretting it ok - sounds like that more likely to be the problem than your picking imo