Okay so im a beginner I have a fender accoustic and im going through the fender method book and I got to the part where im learning chords. So that part seems easy enough..but then it says to apply the two that I learned in that section to a song.

That is the page from the book.

Can someone please tell me how i apply the strum?
on the section labelled '33' in the book, see the little 'n' shaped things above the staff? they tell you you need to strum downwards, from thickest to thinnest strings. the rhythm it shows you is 4 times per bar. there are 4 beats in a bar (in this piece of music at least) so you need to strum once per beat. then on the last bar, it tells you to strum the chord once at the beginning of the bar and let it ring out for the entire bar of 4 beats (so you strum on the 1st beat, then let it ring for the 2nd 3rd and 4th.)

the next section, the 'tom dooley bit, tells you what chords to play. its saying play the C chord for 3 bars (still 4 beats per bar and one strum per beat) then switch to the G7 chord for another 3 bars, then strum the C chord and let it ring for a bar

hope this wasnt too confusing

and sorry if i sounded patronising i didnt know how much you understood already, so i thought itd be better if i explained it as simple as possible
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Thanks for the reply.
So for the tom dooley part.. I don't need to worry about the single notes? just strum to the rythem of the song?
The single notes are the things that are confusing me.
Hi. Another thing you can try is to strum for a measure then play the single notes, and alternate like that through the song. For example: Strum the C chord 4 times then play the following notes: G G A C. Play the single notes like this: Pick the the Open 'G' string two times, then fret the 'A' note on the 2nd fret of the G string and pick it one time, then fret the 'C' note on the 1st fret of the B string and pick it one time. Then strum the C chord 4 times again and play the next two notes which are the Open 'E' string.

Hope this is not too confusing Let me know if you would like me to explain it another way or go through the rest of it for you.
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