Right now I'm using some in-ears, but I need something better. Is there anything between Skullcandy and Bose around 80$? I listen mostly to rock-metal, but a good base doesn't hurt!
As I have always recommended, Bose Triport (around the ear phones) will change your life. For the better.
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sennheiser are pretty good

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some quite good head phones?

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Do people not search anymore? I swear, there's a new headphones thread every week.


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i got a pair of sennheiser hd-180 pros, they cost me a cool benjamin but i think you can buy them online for around $80-$90 ( i just wanted to support local music shops)

EXCELLENT headphones
they're big and have powerful noise reduction (passive, meaning it just blocks out a lot of noise, it doesnt have like electronic noise cancellation) and they sound great

also, they're only 64 ohms, so it won't kill your battery and you don't need a pre-amp
What I ment was: Good headphones for 80 bucks, who look kinda stylish, but still sound good.
I got myself some Sennheiser CX300-IIs a few weeks ago, and I'm very impressed with them, but they're in-ear headphones so probably not what you're looking for.
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