This one of the better acoustic tracks I recorded. Its a fingerpicking song in drop D and its pertty simple, but I would like to know what ya'll think about it.
The buzzing near the end is actually the speaker mesh hitting the mic and not actual fret buzz.

thanks for the crit

it's pretty damn good there quite few dead notes in there but considering that you did it all in one go that impressive or if you did it in parts i can't tell

i don't think that the title really fits in with your song it sounds quite peaceful
some killer vocals could really make your song sound great
it kinda stays the same the whole way through you could add in some bar chords, drums or something i don't know but if you were just practising your fingerpicking that was good
only problem was the guitar or your recording equipment your actual playing was great
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sweet title. and good song. i love the sound you got for this. verry ritch sounding. like thick chocolate or something. i think it could have used vocals. but as far as intermental track goes this was spot on. i love how you used the drop d tuning to get that low bass sound. there were a couple missed notes ect. but overall this was a great peice. well done my frind.

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First off all, it appears you're using Audacity? I would highly suggest updating to Reaper (it is equally free and significantly better). You will get better recording quality and have the capacity to edit the song a lot more (with things such as an EQ, compressor, and reverb just to name a few).

Anyways, this isn't that bad all things considered. I like the little chord progression, however it is lacking for an almost 4 minute song. The first thing I think you should do is consider working in some other instruments, like a violin, flute, or piano (or 2 or 3 of these). If you get Reaper you can program these instruments pretty easily. They would add a lot more melody and atmosphere to your song.

As a whole this is a decent song. With some additions/vocals it could probably be more worth a listen.

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alright homes i checked it out and it was pretty good. having recorded a few acoustic pieces myself i know the pain of trying to get through it all in one piece but i think you did a pretty good job. as a few other people have said i can imagine that vocals would go well with it because on its own it may be lacking something.

the other guy mentioned that you should throw in chords or drums or something. i think i see this more as an acoustic piece just with vocals (i dont know if thats what you had in mind) but like i said without vocals it seems kind of empty and i seem to be a fan of bridges so like perhaps you could add something that includes chords to keep it going or something, hope that makes sense.

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