I'm looking for some advice on gear, Currently i have an Ampeg 2x10 200w Combo bass amp, 21ft Monster bass cable, and my black 4-String Ibanez EXB404.

My Ibanez is old and crusty since it was produced around 1996 (pickups are terrible along with bodywork and hardware),
I'm looking for a new bass (Cash: 200-500$ range). I cannot decide whether or not to get a 5-String or 4-String again. I'm looking for a tones like iron maiden, but also being able to get lower for korn, slipknot, megadeth, pantera crunch sounds to. Plan on sticking with Ibanez.

Someday i hope to get..



But!.. for now...

My Ampeg Amp is amazing, much louder then i ever expected. No probs there.
My Monster bass cable is amazing picks up sounds great.

My questions are...

What would be my best options on a new bass? (5-String, 4-String, Etc)

What strings are best for the sounds i want? ( Blue steel? )

What are my options for bass pedals? ( I've never owned one or herd one being used)

If you can Give me a link towards a video/web page/info page.
So i can check out gear so i can finally get a great set up.
To get the Korn, Megadeth, and Pantera sounds you're looking for you're probably going to want a 5 string such as this one http://
Ideally if you want an Iron Maiden tone you would use a Fender P-Bass with flatwound strings but I'm not sure if the Ibanez can cover it. Pretty much every other tone you're looking for would be done with roundwounds so just stick to some Rotosounds and you'll be good.
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That amp setup is an amazing one and wont let you down. Im thinking of getting that 6x10. Ibanez is good, then you have spector legends. Roundwounds are probably your best bet. Steve harris did use flats though.
Go try some bass's and see what you like though.

If you dont know what pedals you want or need dont get some, there an expensive waste of money.
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Yeah i'm gonna take a ride down to guitar center in a few and see what they have, check out some other shops. Thanks.