so i want to write a new song
but i'm kinda having a bit of a mental block :/

i just cant get the right chords or key or anything for it
i want it to be a slow kind of song, not too heavy
the main inspiration that springs to mind is Come Clarity by In Flames
something like that
that starts of pretty nice and slow
but has a heavier second half

what would be the best key/scales/modes/chords to use for this??

please help (:
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as mt says everyday - scales don't make songs

what chords/key/scales are used in "come clarity"? you could always use them... it's not going to be any more originally yours using the chords from that song exactly as using the chords we tell you exactly.
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We need to start banning people who make stupid threads like this.
You want to sound like In Flames? Listen to In Flames; what are they doing? Do that.
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