ok, first post here so I will say hello to all you fellow musicians out there. I've done some searching around here but looking for some insight and opinions from more knowledgable folks. I've been playing guitar off an on for about 10 years, still just OK at it but whatever, I love it! anyways, I recently bought a Epi LP standard and really dig the sound through my old Peavey express 112 amp. It has a problem with the volume knob though when I turn it it gets really scratchy and loud, sometimes almost dimminishing the tone until I wiggle it back into the spot for "full tone", make any sense? anyways thats a minimal problem but if anyone has had a similar one please share any info you have. also, just curious to know if the amp is a decent setup or if I should seak out a better one. I couldnt find much info on it, but I assume its similar to the other peavey 112 amps ive read about. Also I should add, I have a newborn in the house and this amp is almost to loud to even run, I keep volume on 2 and I still wish I could turn it down more without comprimising sound. Just wondering if maybe I should pick up a smaller/newer amp, this ones about 10 years old. Thanks and any info is appreciated.
probably if you want better tone than you already have you should look into a small tube amp
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Do you gig?
Cause if not I would just keep that peavy.

For you problem, I assume that the Peavy is Solid State. If so, then it's normal, SS amps have that bad habit of sounding like crap when cranked.
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^nope I do not gig, thanks for the quick replies guys!

Well then seems like you don't really need a new amp, but if you wanna upgrade your your gear (wich is totally legit after 10 years of playing) then do it, look at some low wattage tube amps.

Edit: here are some good ones:



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It sounds like a bad volume pot to me.

thanks, I will read more into this. and that you squit, I was JUSt watching a youtube vid comparison and that blackstar and a Randall were the best 2 sounding amps outa the 10-15 they reviewed. I will read more into these as well, thanks so far for the help and keep the replys coming!
The sound of an amp is pretty much compromised whenever you turn it down. One solution is to use headphones. Most multifx work well with headphones. The Pandora PX4D ($100) is a small multifx headphone amp with drum/bass rhythms. Amps like the Peavey Vypyr ($100) have a multifx built in and a headhone out.

For a small amp, my personal recommendation is the Fender Vibro XD ($200). It's a 5 watt tube amp with DSP FX and voicing. It has no headphone out, but IMO is a lot better choice for a small amp than the Epi Vjr, Blackheart type amps.
If you don't know yourself, you don't need a new amp.


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with the newbown i would say headphone amp. Or a pod xt with headphones, which is what i would do myself.
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If you don't know yourself, you don't need a new amp.

whats this suppose to mean? If I did know myself, I wouldnt be asking would I? I have been playing a while but just never took the time to look into or learn about the equipment, now that im doing so some straight answers would be a big help in order for me to obtain the knowledge I lack on this subject. Thanks for the positive replys thus far, I really appreciate it.
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with the newbown i would say headphone amp. Or a pod xt with headphones, which is what i would do myself.

I'm pretty sure the Blackstar HT 5 has a headphone output, but the pod is still a good idea, I'm thinking of getting one myself.