This is a groove/thrash type song (call it what you will). Been playing for 6 years, but this is my first real recording with someone else. It is extremely rough,

It isn't my particular style that i like to play, it was just a few ideas that me and this drummer came up with that fit together.

The drum track was done on a real drum set, but time wise it was alot quicker for it to be done electronically. The guitar is doubled, and it was the second take. I do intend to add harmonies in the beginning, and a solo in the mid section

It's in my profile, critique if you will please. Cheers
way to much distortion. alot of your guitar parts are obscured by a total wall of fuzz. parts of the song didn't match what the drums were doing very well so they sound kind of odd. your ideas seem to be solid but need work. my stuff is in my profile.
haha yeh your right, i might record the stuff through my own amp rather than his next time. he said to EQ it or some sh!t, which i don't know how to do as yet.

thanks for your advice