So I'm English and I have decided to buy some pickups from either Music123, Musicians Friend or Guitar Center.

Does anyone know of a way I can find out the prices in GBP? And will I be charged the current conversion rate or some other fixed rate???

If you type XXX$ to £ (xxx being the price you want to convert) in google, in gives you the conversion at current conversion rate.

Of course you'll be charged at the current rate.
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I don't think places like Muscians Friend even ship to the UK...

True. Have you checked the FAQ about that?
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True. Have you checked the FAQ about that?

Musicians Friend does ship to the U.K., but you have to order by phone for some reason.
i would type US to GPB with google.

google "500 USD to GBP" change 500 to whatever price you see on musiciansfriend

If you buy with a credit card, I assume its a specific conversion rate that the CC company has, plus a additional charge (a few percents?) for converting US to GBP
Musicians's friend will only ship select brands internationally. I would ask them.
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music 123 ship to UK, i bought pickups from there. I use xe.com for a currency converter. They will charge you the current rate also. I was pleased with the service from music123.com