So I was playing some 12-string Takamine guitar with a lovely creamy looking gloss finish today which I thought was quite nice. The closest thing I can find anywhere online is their G series jumbo guitars which all seem to be electric acoustics. The thing is though, I don't remember the guitar I was playing having any electronics in it.

Do Takamine do purely acoustic 12-string G series jumbos or am I just a moron for not noticing that the guitar did in fact have a volume knob?
As far as I know, Takamine has not ever made a jumbo 12 string guitar in the G series that was not an acoustic electric. Did the guitar have a cutaway?
Yeah, there was a cutaway. Looking at the models I can find, the control panel seems to be in a different place on the body than where I've normally seen them on acoustics. This is probably why I didn't notice it.