But when I try to open it, It says my Inbox is empty?

And Its been like it for ages and getting annoying so..

Is there really a message there of is someone trying to get on my non-existant tits.


the PM system tends to be a little buggy sometimes. Ususally its caused by a bogus spam member who mass PMs users and then gets deleted by the russians, but they havent got the time to go around and delete the PMs etc.

Get on to Till from kenig.He should be able to help you.

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Are we talking about the forum PM inbox or the Profile PM inbox?
They're two different thing.

If the message is on the forum system, you'll see
"Private Messages: 1 Unread, Total [some number] in the upper right of the forum pages.
just click the line and that will take you to your forum inbox.

If you have a message in your Profile inbox, you'll see the indication when you're in the My Profile section of the profile pages.

Sometimes there are phishing messages sent to tons of UGers inboxes.
When Admin is notified about a phisher, the programmers delete all the messages they've sent. Sometimes your counter doesn't reset afterward.

If the problem is definitely on the Profile side, let me know. I'll contact a programmer and have him reset for you.

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