Hey everyone. I recently acquired $400, and I'm looking around for a cheap guitar that would be a good project/modding guitar, for, obviously, under $400 . I play pretty much mostly hard rock and metal (Trivium, Tool, Metallica, STP, Buckcherry, Dope...) and I play out of a 15 watt Peavey Vypyr.

Any suggestions?
Om nom nom nom!
Scour ebay. I found a guitar for £40 which I painted, and it is like sex.

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i picked up a no name guitar from eBay and modded the hell out of to make my Frank.
i think it was £45. pics on my page (yeah, i know everyone makes them, but i like it).
plays great and sounds great so i'm happy
Ebay, Craigs List, Local classifieds and the Pawn Shops. I can find a guitar pretty cheap thru any of those options. Look thru the parts dealers for bodies and necks and go from there. You can make a pretty nice custom guitar if you start with a good body and neck and buy used pups & tuners. Pots and the other electronic stuff is usually pretty cheap to get after.