So I want to learn more about effects, and being a relative newcomer to guitar effects, my idea was to track down a software that might let me find out what different guitar effects sound like, let me make stompbox effects in order to see what the resultant sound is like etc, generally something that lets me mess around with a lot of authentic guitar effects and their orders on a software platform.

I have no idea if this is possible at all, but I've procured a guitar to USB connector for free and was wondering if my guitar signal can be used to then go through the virtual stompboxes and get a live sound (at whatever latency it would be) so I could use my computer as a virtual effects pedal to get my head around understanding sounds.
Download a copy of Audacity - it's an open-source, cross-platform audio recoder - and mess with the effects. Digitech and others also have inexpensive multi-effects pedals starting at around $60 that would let you try things out in real time.

The sound isn't great on those cheap multi-effects, and the control scheme is almost always horrendous ... but it will give you a good idea of what you like, and you can go from there. I found I only used the phaser and delay after a year or so, so I got rid of it and bought good phaser and delay pedals. You may find you like chorus and flanger and hate phaser - they're all slightly different versions of the same basic effect.
Sure Okay, well to be honest I really just want to mess around with the basic effects (chorus, delay, distortion, wah etc) and see what interesting sounds I can get (eg; using twi delay pedals one after another with different settings)..the idea being to learn enough about the effects and to go onto getting appropriate stompboxes or multieffects.

EDIT: Isn't audacity just the most basic effect package? I've used Cool edit pro (or whatever it's been renamed to) for a good 4/5 years for general recording. I've come across people using Ableton live with their guitar which sounds like an interesting prospect for me, any thoughts about that?
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