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I searched but couldn't find the answer I was looking for so I'll make this thread. I'm a novice guitar player who's been learning for a few months and is starting to make some progress (still working on a full song but I'm really good with my riffs). I play a lot of stuff like Green Day, Paramore and anything like that mostly, but also some ACDC and similar stuff.

Question is, do I need any pedals? Since I'm now trying to work on effects and getting a song to sound great. A lot of Guitar Pro stuff I look at says like: Overdriven Guitar, Distortion Guitar and a couple music books have had Wah in them. Would I at any point need to go out and buy any pedals to get these sounds? If I do, any recommendations? (Pretty settled on the DS-1 if I need a Distortion Pedal)

Have a Vox VT30 amp and a Squire Strat.
Your amp should be able to produce the basic overdrive, distortion, chorus, delay, reverb etc to cover the bases; but you might want to get a wah pedal to add some expression to various solos etc.
Doesn't that amp have a lot of different modelling settings?
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Pedals through a modeling amp = mud and/or slop.

OD pedals are generally used to run through the front end of a good combo or stack on low gain in order to tighten up existing distortion. FX through a modeling amp, well, like said above. It doesn't usually sound good.
Great, thanks, I did know I could do a lot of effects but I wasn't too sure if pedals did a better job. Tried to do Overdrive (I've been turning up the Gain) and Distortion (Messing with Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass).

Might look into a Wah pedal though.