I need to get a new bass and I've been looking around and i've decided I want a Traben. I've played a few of their basses and really like them but, I'm not a big fan of the flame bridge thing, though I do like the concept of bigger bridge= bigger tone. I found this one and I like the look of it but, haven't found one to play it yet. Anyone have any experience with this bass or any of the related models?


Would it be a good buy or should I look else where?
The few trabens I've played have been pretty solid, though as for that model I have no clue...and imo it's kinda ugly but to each their own. But yea if you like it try to find one and if you can't then order blind and if it comes in and you hate it sell it and get something else...at least that's my methodology
Yea, trabens a good brand, IMO. That looks like a pretty solid bass that could hold you for a couple of years at least.
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i got one when they came out. man, those things are solid. it is a great bass in terms of tone, versatility, looks(black vapor), and power. the Aguilar preamp is awsome, it really picks up minor adjustments. It is definetly a metal/rock/funk bass.
Maybe not so much jazz or R&B. The guys at Traben really like to correspond and get feedback. You can't go wrong, this is a professional bass.
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Maybe not so much jazz or R&B.

Couldn't you cut all the frequencies, specially treble?

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yes but if you tend to play a little harder like me you still get a Tick sound.

I'm sure if you work at it you make it do any style. You really can't go wrong with this bass.
I've played that bass many times, trying to go back to it to see if I like it and it just sounds like crap. I hate John Moyer, I think Fuzz was a much better bassist. You could get a Chaos Obsession that sounds much better and feels much better. The John Moyer feels like a Warwick was raped by a Rogue.

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I own this bass and I absolutely love it, I can get a wide variety of tones out of it and it just feels and looks awesome.
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Ive played a few trabens, never seriously though,but they've all felt solid and good Rock basses, just never blown me away...but yeah, as everyone seems to agree, they are solid, well built basses
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I like the Neo series, especially the limited edition in White. They don't have the flame style bridge. However the Chaos series may be more to your taste, you'll have to try some out.

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