The following tabs were transcribed by me:


If you download each of the guitar pro files here on UG and press F5 you will see my name and nick name.
They were all taken a long while ago from here:

Many of them are out of date, so it's not only about the credit.

Best regards,

EDIT: it appeares the urls are being censored.
Basically it's just every single guitar pro here:
(replace the **** with f-u-c-k)
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That is not evidence that the UG tabs are yours. They're not yours, are they? You've just seen tabs which are similar/the same and you want to claim them yourself, right?
You must be kidding...

How about this then,
If you download each of the guitar pro files here on UG and press F5 you will see my name and nick name.
Evidance enough?
See that's the sort of thing that I'm looking for. Fox-x-x is Tab Manager here and some evidence that they're yours will actually make it likely to happen. Without evidence there is no chance in hell.
I wouldn't care all that much if they weren't in need of updating.
And I just figured that a tab being identical (down to the color of the tracks) will speak for itself.
Anyway, you have my details pasted into the tabs themselves, so that should be enough.