Alright, i cant get the tapping to sound how it should, im wondering if its my guitar or technique. Because i can do it perfectly on my other one...anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Not sure if this is the right section or not...
Maybe fix the action on your guitar ...it might be too high but, your'e going to have to explain a little more
if you can do it on your other guitar than its probably the guitar... maybe the frets aren't tall enough, maybe you need to tap harder... what guitar are you using?

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well, every guitar is different. sometimes you need to modify your technique slightly to accomodate.

is it a tone issue or a playing issue?
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The action isnt high...its perfect actually.

It has jumbo frets, Its an LTD Kh-602 With EMG 81/81 pickups.... I do it hard atm and it really wont sound out...its worse when i do it lightly

the tone is fine, i mean, my schecter hellraiser works perfectly with the same tone setup on the amp...
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All guitars are different. It's all just a matter of finding the the perfect place to hit to make it sound good. Think of it like this: A guitar is a lot like a woman. You have to touch her just right to make her hit those high notes.
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Make sure that when you are tapping that your are "pulling off" properly in other words not just tapping your finger down and then lifting it straight up . You must be pulling it off the string downwards slightly.
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What Amer said^^

When was the last time you changed the battery for the EMG's?

And when was the last time you put new strings on it?

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Tbh, the strings dont make much of a difference when it comes to tapping. I was playing my mates guitar the other day (he doesnt really play it, more keeps it around), and his strings are about a year old and i didnt find tapping any more harder than on mine (if not a bit more horrible on the fingers)
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Change them and see if it makes any difference. My tapping sounds **** too when the strings are dead.

This is gonna be a pain...Floyd's make everything harder x]
I suggest you block the bridge at the right angle when you change the strings, that way when you put the new ones and tune them and lock the nut, you'll have the proper tuning at the proper angle. If the bridge rises or sinks into the body, adjust the screws till the bridge is at the right angle, and the strings would be in tune.
It's not the strings.
Turn the volume knob on your guitar to 10. That way, you have maximum output from the instrument. Adjust the volume on your amp if it's too loud. A lot of people try tapping and get it wrong at the outset. You hammer on the note with your right hand, but then you have to execute a pull off for the next note. Your right hand ought to making a scooping movement.